👋 Hey There, I am Rukhsana

What do I do

I help Individuals to discover their genius and reach their highest and true
potential. To lead them into living a more meaningful existence. To Transcend and Evolve.

How do I do it

I show them through a proven system, how to transform, grow and be in
their natural flow, which will help them in cultivating a healthy mindset, value-based
leadership and positive culture around them. Becoming purpose and passion focused
individuals who will illuminate their true self

Why it works:

When we grow our true potential, enhance our productivity and create
healthy teams and individuals around us, we access our innate resources to help alleviate and uplift humanity collectively.

Services I provide

As a Flow Consultant, I use Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics and Life Purpose &
Passion philosophy and training as tools to give clients and team clarity in their path to flow, as well as provide you with valuable insights into those you serve, so you can create your own personalised pathway that suits your natural strengths and build teams and community that will transcend your weaknesses.

One-on One and group coaching & Consulting.

Type of Individuals I have personally helped:

Young Professionals
Women who want to pursue, passionate and purposeful activities after 50+ years